Improve your coaching game with ground force data

Want to learn more about using ground force data in the baseball swing? Enroll in this educational course featuring top baseball coach Justin Stone – it’s free! In the course you will get valuable insight into how Justin uses swing analysis to coach professional baseball players, so you can improve your own coaching game.

User examples from the Baseball Performance Lab

Our friends at the Baseball Performance Lab provide data-driven insight analyzing all different aspects of hitting performance. Have a look at their videos for some great demonstrations on how to use the Swing Catalyst software and sensor plates.

  • Importance of horizontal force

  • Stride length

  • Lead leg lock issues – jump analysis

  • How shoe choice can affect your game

  • Lead leg horizontal force

  • Functional strength

  • Outside foot pressure

  • Trail foot vertical force

Testimonial from Tommy Johnson

Tommy Johnson shares his experience with the Swing Catalyst Baseball system in this video. Tommy is the Owner of Primal 1 Baseball in Maryland, holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and is a doctorate Student of Kinesiology.