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Start your improvement journey with our powerful video analysis software. Add high-speed cameras to analyze every movement in slow motion. Integrate with our sensor plate systems to see and influence the invisible ground reaction forces generated during the baseball swing. 

“One of the foundations of hitting instruction has always been “get into your legs!” But what’s that really mean? The swing catalyst system gives me real time data points that allows me to evaluate and instruct the efficiency of the lower half.”

Justin Stone

President, Elite Baseball Training, Major League Director of Hitting

Swing Catalyst software

Swing Catalyst is the most user-friendly and powerful video analysis software on the market, offering all the tools you need to fine-tune the baseball swing.

Swing Catalyst PRO

For video analysis with up to 2 cameras

Swing Catalyst Pro+

For video analysis with up to 4 cameras and sensor plate integration.

Sensor plates

The ground reaction forces generated during a baseball swing are invisible even to the best trained eye. With the Swing Catalyst sensor plates you will be able to see these forces and influence them for more powerful and accurate shots. Choose between a portable or permanent setup.

Balance plate

Provides pressure percentages and center of pressure in each foot, heat mapping, stance width, overall center of pressure movement and vertical force by pressure.

Force plate + motion plate

Provides all measurements of vertical, horizontal and rotational force, all perfectly synchronized individually or combined with pressure data from the rear foot.


We recommend the following cameras with the Swing Catalyst software.


This high-speed USB 3.0 camera is a portable alternative that is very easy to set up and use. The camera offers up to 249 frames per second and produces high quality color images.


A portable camera alternative that is very easy to set up and use. The camera offers up to 320 fps and produces high-quality color images.

“We chose Swing Catalyst because of their fast and accurate data capture. The intuitive displays make it easy for our players to interpret and understand the data.”

Kurt Ainsworth

CEO of Marucci Sports


Download the latest versions

Download the latest version of Swing Catalyst. Install your license to enable your purchased features.

Released: 13 Dec 2022